Effects Of SEO On Your Search Results Explained

What effect does SEO have on your search results? Simple, but yet complicated question, to be fair. If SEO done right – you will gain organic traffic and other benefits.

So, I would say, SEO will impact your business (especially if that’s an online business) dramatically. Firstly, organic traffic as an ultimate lead generation method. Secondly, brand awareness – another thing you need to consider when doing SEO. And as the last one, I will mention competitive advantage. These 3 factors are the real answer to the question “what effect does SEO have on your search results?”. Let’s take a closer look.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic – visitors that come to your website from Google or other search engines.  Why is it important? Because, it’s a long term strategy. Meaning, you will get more and more visitors “passively” within a long range of time. And if you don’t have a clue how this works and what exactly SEO is, check out my another article – https://seopurposes.com/seo-for-dummies. Don’t be bothered by its name, it’s all about simplicity there.

Why I’ve used “passively” here. Because, at the beginning of your journey – you need to make a lot of efforts or spend some money for good SEO. Also, it will take time. Of course, it will not work that fast. 6–12 months to see first results, and also it depends on the competitiveness of your business niche. 

However, after this long and hard journey – you will have a highly established passive income. You just need to control your SEO presence in search engines and that’s it. Sometimes create new content. Sometimes update the old one. But when your website will have authority and will be constantly in top 10 – your business will be thriving. 

One important thing to mention here. Organic traffic it’s not only about the number of visitors. It’s also about their quality. If done right, your SEO will bring a targeted audience to your website. Not only that, if your website consistently doing good and is ranking in top 10 at least – this is a signal for search engines that this site is a valuable source of information or a great online shop etc.

Tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console are great for organic traffic monitoring. Also, you can use Ahrefs, Semrush, MOZ and other SEO tools, however, their traffic is an estimation.

Brand Awareness

Imagine that you are a tech nerd. And you are constantly buying new gadgets. However, you are using Google for this. So, you want to buy an iPhone 15. You see first 3 results in SERPs, and there are websites X, Y, Z. Later on you want to buy a new gaming mouse. You are typing in your desired mouse in Google, and again – X, Y, Z websites. Later you want to buy a new laptop, and at the end you see the same 3 websites – X, Y, Z.

It’s very likely that you will buy these gadgets using one of these 3 websites. But not only that. Probably, you will remember the name of these websites. If your gadgets work properly and customer services were good – it’s very likely that you will tell someone about these websites and recommend them. So, that’s how brand awareness and SEO are connected.

As a human, I am very lazy. However, my brain is lazier, I suppose. And if I successfully bought something in the shop “X” 2 times at least, it’s very unlikely I will search for another options online next time. 

And this is just a beginning. That part above is about organic traffic. However, we have another part of SEO which is impact is tremendous. And it is off-page SEO or link building. 

Firstly, high quality links will increase domain authority of your website, which will lead to the better positioning in SERPs. Secondly, high quality link building will increase brand awareness. But how?

There are a lot of backlink building techniques, but all the best ones will include visible anchors with links to your website. Imagine, people are noticing your brand name not only through Google, but also from other websites. They see brand name, they are checking your blog post because somebody links to it (because info there is quite valuable) etc. All of that will bring awareness to your brand.

Competitive Advantage

And the last answer on “what effect does SEO have on your search results?” is competitive advantage. You see, there are a lot of businesses online nowadays. And not everybody knows how impactful SEO is. So, if you’re lucky and your direct competitors are not doing SEO – you can outrank them just by doing that. For example, if you’re providing services within one city or state – you need to utilize local SEO. Just signing up in local business directories will provide benefits, and believe me, a lot of businesses are missing that.

The best strategy with SEO is to start right away. Meaning, you need to think about it and plan it before starting a website. It’s easier to do everything right from the start, than fixing that later.

Algorithms Dynamics

This is something out of your control, however, you need to be aware of it and adapt rapidly. Google is releasing updates frequently. For example, 6th of March – new Google update that is aiming to fight with generated content and spam. A lot of websites dropped their traffic and stats.

Why is that? Because, they are using low quality backlinks for example, or they are publishing AI-generated and useless content just to bring visitors to the website. Bad news – these updates are impacting good websites as well. Good news – you can adapt and react to it by doing everything right from the start. Create a useful content, build high quality backlinks using white-hat strategies, and you will see no harm from algorithms. To be fair, I think that these updates are good news for people who are doing their best with their online presence. 


SEO will bring your website organic traffic, which is an indefinite source of leads for your business. Also, SEO will increase your online presence and brand awareness. And the last one, by doing SEO right – you will outrank a big part of your competitors right away. However, you need to track SEO results, rankings and Google algorithm updates. By adapting rapidly, fixing issues and updating your pages – you will stay on top of search results. Hope you find this article useful!