Link Juice Explained

Link juice – is a term used by SEO’s to describe value passed from one page to another by a backlink. 

How Does Link Juice Work?

Let’s say you have a page about link juice on your blog. You’ve published it today, and it has 0 links right now. 

Your page is great, so another website decided to link to it. Let’s say it’s page A. Your page is page B.

So, now page A >> reputation to page B.

Wow, now your page is ranking higher, because authority increased.

Other websites decided to link to it as well.

Now page C, D, E and many more are linking to your page B, and page B is doing better now.

How To Get More Of It?

  • Publish fresh, relevant and high quality content;
  • Promote your brand;
  • Use paid advertising;
  • Contribute to other blogs to increase your authority as a writer;
  • Outreach other bloggers – maybe they will consider your content as a link-worthy;
  • Get listed on relevant directories;
  • Use your imagination to find out even more ways;

How To Calculate Link Juice?

There are no official metrics that will show you “link juice”. However, there are some that you can consider (but they are estimation). Let’s check some of them:

  • UR (URL rating) via Ahrefs;
  • DR (Domain rating) via Ahrefs;
  • MOZ Domain authority;
  • DA (Domain authority) via SEMrush;

These are just a few of examples, however, there are many more. Actually, each SEO tool will provide their own metric for this purpose.


So, link juice is a legit thing that can be approved by creating link building campaigns and publishing trustworthy HQ content. With help of link juice, your web pages will rank higher and higher. But remember, low quality pages linking to your page B will do some harm. So, it’s useful to check your backlinks sometimes.